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Tanzania Dark 72%


Fermentation: 7 days

Drying: 6 days average

Variety: Trinitario

Sorting: Hand sorted

Certification: Organic

Harvest season: September-December


Over the last 8 years Brian LoBue and Simran Bindra have been able to put the Tanzanian cocoa sector on the fine flavour map, with a visible commitment towards fair prices and quality.

Out of the Kilombero valley, in the heart of Tanzania, they collaborate with approximately 2,400 smallholder farmers. In the small village Mbingu, they buy wet cocoa beans and pay them better prices. 

Through a meticulously controlled post-harvest process, year after year Kokoa Kamili brings out a cocoa to the market that is among the best in the world and rewarded by many.

The flavour profile is very consistent as they work with a selected group of farmers in a small region of the country. Rigorous protocols are respected during fermentation and drying.


Currently we are shipping to the UK only.

Our Tanzania Dark 72% and our Madagascar Dark 84% are vegan. They only contain organic cocoa beans, organic unrefined cane sugar and natural cocoa butter.

Yes, we pride ourselves on being an ethical producer of bean to bar chocolate. Craft chocolate is not only about making better tasting chocolate, but also about praising the farmers work at origin by choosing ethical cooperatives and farms only, which pay them a much better price. We want to place traceability on the table, so that we can start understanding what we eat and the journey it took to reach us. Our ethical practise at every step of the way is paramount, we want to place high quality chocolate in both taste and trade on the same table. 
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